The tour

From July, rural creatures move to their summer quarters, in the forest of Andilly. Indeed, amusing and touching scarecrows invade every corner of this 12 hectares forest, strewed with green spaces rich of hundred of vegetable varieties and fitted out by small ponds.

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Scarecrows on the wayside

Throughout the walk, come and meet them at the heart of their wonderful world! More than a hundred of these charming creatures elected house in the forest, creating a real village where everyone runs their daily activities: the teacher provides a history lesson, the postman delivers the mail, the musicians give a concert… In the enchanted forest, then the birds village, the surprises follow one another to the delight of young and olds! Be seduced by these creatures that terrify nor birds nor humans... well, almost !

Pets for company

Taking advantage the freshness and the peace of the forest, many animals found refuge in the kingdom of scarecrows! Discover a friendly farm made up of sheep, goats, donkeys, pigs, geese…