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What is the festival timetable ?
Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th and Saturday 15th June : opening of ticket sales on the festival site as from  8h30, entering the park as from 9h. Ticket sales close at 20h. If you keep your ticket, you can go in and out as often as you want until 21h.
No entry allowed as from 21h. Closing of the festival at midnight.
Sunday 9th and Sunday 16th June : opening of ticket sales on the festival site as from  8h30, entering the park as from 9h. If you keep your ticket, you can go in and out as often as you want until 20h, closing time. 

Where to park ?
From the main roads, many signs will guide you to the available car parks. Be aware that parkings near the entrance are limited so you may be parked far away and will take the free shuttles. 
Enclosed the map of the parkings. 

How can I get to the festival ?
Once parked, free shuttles will take you from the car parks at Copponex and Mont Sion directly to the entrance. They operate non-stop from 8h30 to midnight on 8th , 9th and 15th of June, and from 8h30 to 20h on 10th and 16th of June. 

I am a motorbiker, is there a dedicated parking?
Bikers are welcome ! Be aware that a stone parking is available very near the entrance, we do not provide any lockers.

May I leave my personal belongings at the entrance of the festival ?
Unfortunately we don't provide any lockers, therefore you cannot leave any bags nor helmets during the day. 

Can I come with my pet?
For security reasons, no pet or animal is allowed on the site, even small and cute. 
You CannotCANNOT leave it at the entrance of the festival nor in your car.

Can I come with a medieval costume ?
Medieval costumes are welcome during the festival and will allow you to have a wonderful day. However, according to the "Vigipirates" rules, please find below the following rules in force:
"Airsoft" replica weapons are forbidden 
Accessoiries longer than 1m20 are forbidden 
Metal weapons are forbidden 
Are accepted: foam, sagex, latex and plastic weapons (if not included in above categories).
For security reasons, no performance or animation not previously validated by the organizers is allowed on the site (jugglers, fire, fights,. ..).

How can we pay during the day ?
Most of the taverns accept only cash. The ticket shop and the main shop and some of the small shops gives you the possibility to pay by credit card. 

Can I get cash money?
Yes we have 3 dedicated places for cash withdrawal. Pay attention that a 5% commission is invoiced for each withdrawal. For example, for 100€, extra 5€ commission.

May I come with my picnic ?
Yes, picnics are allowed and you will find eating areas.

I am disabled, is the access easy for me?
The festival site is hilly and all access are with small stones. The roads are wide and you can get around easily. An association offers off-road wheelchairs at the entrance to facilitate your progression.

You can book Eric : or  Véronique au or by mail : asapf74@gmail.com

I'm coming with my baby, are there any facilities  for them ?
Strollers are allowed on the site, but you will have to leave them in the dedicated space before entering in the main shows areas. These spaces are not secured. Think about taking a locker for the strollers if needed. A changing-place for the babies is available on the festival site.
If you come with children, we recommend to write your mobile number on their arm. If you forget, our employees can do it for you at the entrance.

Information ECOCUP glasses :
In order to protect our environment, no disposable glass is available on the festival. You will be served in re-usable glasses against a 1€caution. You can get your caution back when you return your glass to any tavern until 22h or at the exit of the festival until midnight.