The Attic of Pacifiers

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Offer your pacifier and meet the Sand Man

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Discover the attic where tens of thousands of “totottes” are displayed:
This is Santa’s favorite gift! He is always delighted to receive these funny lollipops, all different from each other…

Discover this magical place that plunges adults into childhood and helps the youngest to grow bigger,

Meet the Sandman who watches over these thousands of little treasures

And thanks to these donations from Totottes, Santa Claus supports the association «Pour un sourire d'Enfant»

who has been committed for 16 years to lift the children who work on the Phnom-Penh landfill out of poverty, since

every tottote offered, Santa offers these children a meal.

With more than 22,000 "totottes" offered, more than 22,000 meals have been distributed!