"tototte" operation

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Discover the services proposed by the Hamlet of Santa Claus !
Your visit will be an opportunity for your child to have precious little services provided by Santa and his elves. What make an unforgettable experience !


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Offer your "tototte" (pacifier) in exchange for a smile

Discover a room where are exposed more than ten thousand of "totottes": these are gifts from small visitors to Santa when they are ready to grow up.

It is Santa's favorite present ! He is always really pleased to receive these funny “totottes”, all different shapes and colors… To such a point that it became a pledge of mutual trust: the child agrees to separate from his pacifier and in return, Santa offers a meal at a Cambodian child in need.

Because, Santa Claus supports the association " Pour un sourire d' Enfant " which makes a commitment since 16 years ago to bring out of poverty the children who work on the dump of Phnom Penh. To insure them a future, this association watches to school them and to dispense them a vocational training. Step by step, these children refind their smile. Thanks to more than 22 000 "totottes" gathered by Santa Claus, more  22 000 meals have already been distributed !