Bogeyman's house

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Beware naughty kids! While Santa Claus distributes gifts and candy to good children, the Bogeyman watches to correct those who are desobediant or lazy. 

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Shiver in the Bogeyman's den

This terrifying man, wears heavy boots and a long black coat with hood. Never separating from his wand, he used to whip naughty kids and offer them mustard, coal, potatoes or onions...

His home looks just like him, sinister and strict. Inflexible on the punctuality and the virtue, he decorated it with clocks and pendulums, as well as moralistic messages. Visit his bedroom, his library, his reserve of vegetables... Do not forget to explore the "bêtisarium", an unusual place where are listed the naughty things done by the children all around the world, located on a large globe. Finally, discover the Bogeyman’s school for chimney sweeps...