The camps

The different camps where knights, soldiers and mercenaries live are spread over the whole “Forêt des Moulins” and offer to enter into their everyday life and to discover the various activities. 

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Learn about the life in the Middle Ages!

Discover the various tasks knights, equerries, soldiers and artisans were busy doing :

  • Training in the fight.
  • Presentation of weapons and protections of the fighter with sometimes opportunity of trying an armor, a firing of a catapult, gunnery.
  • Making chain mail, work demonstration at the forge.
  • Discovery of tortures practiced in the Middle Ages.
  • Explanations on the use of the ferret in medieval times,
  • Medieval games, Tafl game (Scandinavia originating board games), open air Viking games (Kubb and Tonneau games...)
  • Medieval fencing, archery demonstration, weaving cardboard, calligraphy.
  • Traditional paintings, woodcarving, violin, stall in medieval cuisine, herbs and other spices, medicinal plants divination.