Access the medieval activities by night : magical lights and artifices to enhance the knhigts and troubadour's masterstrokes. 

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Let the magic of the night operate…

Extend this medieval experience by living an unforgettable moment under stars and in the light of torches! No doubt, you will vibrate by attending these shows involving medieval concert, equestrian prowess, cavalcades and juggling. You will attend jousts and breathtaking fights at the rythm of galloping horses, in the heart of flames and fireworks. Three colourful shows which will create shivers and emotions

  • An equestrian and acrobatic show,
  • A fairy and fantastic show.
  • A medieval concert

Take advantage of the special reduced night rate !

Take advantage of the special reduced rate as from 06:00 pm From 06:00 pm till 11:30 pm you can take advantage of the shows and animations of the day. From 8:30 pm, you will attend the three night-shows.