Les Médiévales du Monde

Discover other peoples and their customs in the Middle Ages, as well as animals coming from other continents : wolves, baboons, snakes...

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Travel across the world and the time !

If you do not know what was happening in the rest of the world in the Middle Ages, you are invited to be next to the Belarus wolves and listen to their story, to admire the beautiful Yasmina with her snakes and parrots, to laugh with acrobats and their baboons from Africa, shivering with fright at the Viking encampment.

Guests of honor of the edition 2014: Rapa Nui of the Easter Island and their Moaï

Guests of honor of the edition 2015: Töv Aimag of Mongolia

Guests of honor of the edition 2016: the troop of Celtic music of Craobb Ruah come from Ireland                                 

Inités of honor of the edition 2017: cultural Collective of Bunyarra come from Autralie

Guest of honor of the edition 2018:

Welcome this year to the people Surui of Brazil.
Represented by their world-famous boss Almir, they fight for asserting the importance of the conservation of their housing environment, the Amazonian forest.

Meeting during the Medieval Big next ones to discover their great culture and support their project.