Take part of “Les Grandes Médiévales d’Andilly” which takes you 700 years before the time of the Lords and the damsels, the noble knights and the besieged fortified castles… Save the date : 2019 June 8,9,10 & 15, 16

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Dive into the heart of history

A journey through the time in the heart of a forest of the marvels which would have been able to go out quite straight ahead of the imagination of Chrétien de Troye*!

For your most great pleasure, more than 500 artists and one thousand extras suggest you living an incredible and magic epic. More than 20 hours of sensational shows wait for you to offer you a real life-size disorientation: equestrian jousts, acrobatics, raptors, fights, tales, magic, music and many other wonders still!

Between two shows, continue your wanderings in a charming medieval setting. Take time to stroll through the various worlds: farm, stalls, “Cour des miracles”, Vikings' camp.... At the crossroads, meet troubadours and acrobats, fairies and sorcerers, men at arms and hawkers … Everything here until the good pittance taverns will plunge you at the heart of the history.

* French poet of the 12th century, one of the first authors of novels of chivalry