Animations for kids

Make live your children an unforgettable experience! Besides the shows accessible to the youngest without limitation, various animations of good quality are offered to them about life in the time of the feudal lords.

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  • Craft workshops: Workshops with artisans to discover the old crafts and old work
  • The Kiddy town: Medieval animations camp and games for children.
  • Become a knight: Various tests after which the participation children be knighted.
  • The farm: Meet the farm animals
  • The Cart in writing: Just write your name or the one of your loved-one with the "four treasures of the man of letters ": ink stick, ink stone, paper and brush.
  • Juggling workshop in the enchanted forest: Introductory course to the art of juggling to become a true entertainer 
  • Village of cob: Kids and grown-up will mix the dirt, the water, the straw to build their own house in cob